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Spring cleaning with AGGLU

Every year around 22. On April 1, when we commemorate Earth Day globally, we at AGGLU will put on our gloves and set out to clean up the nature around our company. We do this not only to make the working environment more pleasant, but also for the environment. We believe that picking up even one speck is more than nothing and together we will help nature to “breathe” better. Well, as it happens, again it was not just small speck.

On a sunny April afternoon, we switched off our computers, paused our work and set off on our traditional journey with our rubbish bags. Approximately 3km stretch from the cemetery in Turčianske Teplice, along the road under the mountain to the flats in Dolna Štubnia after winter “beautified” by a mound of accumulated waste. We managed to collect several bags full of various waste – from papers, food wrappers and plastic bottles to hazardous glass waste and tyres. As we clean this section honestly every year, we are always unpleasantly surprised by the amount of accumulated waste, but at the same time we have to say that every year there is a little less waste, which is really great.

Thank you for helping all the AGGLU colleagues involved who were not afraid to get a little dirty and helped improve the environment in our region. We would also like to thank the Technical Services Turčianske Teplice for their support and collection of the collected waste. Nature is here to stay even when we are no longer here, so let’s appreciate and protect it. Maybe we’ll motivate you too and next time you’ll pack a garbage bag for your walk, because cleaning up even one litter is better than leaving it on the ground 🙂


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