Our distribution includes brands such as Neoflex, Leuenberger, Kiilto and Menichetti.
We are one of the few companies specialising not only in the sale of industrial adhesives, but we also provide our customers with service and quality advice.

Vyberte hlavné odvetvie
Kiilto Biomelt
Kiilto Biomelt je 100% biologicky rozložiteľné tavné lepidlo (podľa normy ISO 14855) určené pre rôzne typy lepenia a laminovania pri výrobe obalov a jednorazových produktov (bio plastov). Biomelt je vhodný na lepenie papiera, lepenky a kartónu v obalovom priemysle.
TERMOMELT PU 95 LE is a polyurethane hot melt adhesive particularly suitable for use in the printing industry. It is particularly characterized by its excellent flexibility for high and low temperatures. For books with greater thickness, the temperature of the adhesive hose can be increased by up to 10°C. It is suitable for gluing notebooks, brochures, printed papers, for laminating paper, fabrics and plastics.
Stitched and milled paperbacks, one shot book blocks and finish for twoshot. Gluing of a wide range of paper, plain, printed, laminated, water varnish treated, as well as gluing of printed paper over the whole surface. Excellent resistance to vegetable and mineral oils.
tavné tyčinky
DUOSTICK V 221 is an EVA-based unfilled hot melt adhesive suitable for bonding in the packaging, construction, electrical and textile industries. The product is characterized by medium viscosity, long open time, elastic bond and good adhesion to various substrates: paper, wood, PVC, plastics.
AG-MMA G-MP 16 is a two-component structural adhesive that enables the creation of permanent bonded joints that are very strong, structural, impact resistant and flexible at the same time. AG-MMA G-MP 16 is an industrial adhesive used for bonding metals, plastics and composite materials. Due to its high quality, it is specially suited for a range of demanding applications in various industries, both in series production and maintenance. It is not necessary to use primer when bonding aluminium and stainless steel.
Kiilto Pro WX 3070
Kiilto Pro WX 3070 is a very fast, reactive PVAc dispersion with neutral pH. The adhesive is suitable for veneering and laminating hardwood, parquet or bathroom fittings. Its D3 water resistance makes Kiilto Pro WX 3070 a suitable adhesive for both interior and exterior applications where there is short-term repeated contact with water.
AK-FIX 705 kit
AKFIX 705 is a universal secondary adhesive. The adhesive kit consists of a high viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive and an activator. The product is characterized by high bond strength, it is suitable for use on vertical surfaces as it does not drip and does not leak, for bonding uneven surfaces. It is suitable for bonding a very wide range of materials, including acidic surfaces and some porous surfaces where fast bonding times are required. Suitable for MDF, wood, chipboard, rubber, most plastics, leather and other common substrates.