Construction and installation, cladding

A wide range of adhesives are used in the construction and joinery industry. Dispersion (PVAC, EVA) and hot melt (EVA, APAO, PUR) adhesives are used for sheathing different types of profiles. Dispersion adhesives (PVAC) or polyurethane prepolymers (one-component and two-component) can also be used to produce sandwich panels. In addition to dispersions (PVAC D3, D4, EPI), liquid polyurethane adhesives, which are mostly certified for the application, are also used for assembly-construction bonding.

Polyurethane liquid adhesives

Polyurethane adhesives (prepolymers) are used in the wood industry, especially for bonding more difficult to bond materials where high water resistance and heat resistance of the bonded joint is required. Depending on the type of materials used, one-component or two-component products are used for bonding.

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