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Dispersion adhesives
Resicol B 105
RESICOL B 105 - Bookbinding: pasting and head gluing of a wide range of papers, also printed, coated, varnished to the edge and plastic coated. Cartons and boxes: gluing of a wide range of paper and cardboard, also printed and varnished. Lamination: laminating paper with plastic. Also suitable for bonding aluminium + glass.
Resicol C 252
RESICOL C 252 - Cartons and boxes: gluing of a wide range of cartons, also coated, varnished and laminated with plastic film. Bookbinding: wrapping on machines working at low speed, paper, also printed and coated, varnished and coated with plastic film. Wrapping: lamination of paper and cardboard with PP and PVC film.
Resicol C 214
RESICOL C 214 - Cartons and boxes: gluing of different types of cartons. Shopping bags: moulding, reinforcing, ear gluing and side gluing of a wide range of paper, coated, printed and varnished with water-based lacquer. Bookbinding: insertion of printed and coated paper on low-speed machines. Lamination: lamination of "sheet and reel" paper with textile. Lamination (universal lamination) of paper with textile wound on a roll (roll) or in the form of sheets (sheet).

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